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  • Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNN VMM-0606L/VMM-0810L CARMAR

Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNN VMM-0606L/VMM-0810L CARMAR

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    :  VMM-0606L/VMM-0810L CARMAR
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    :  CARMAR
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    :  Đài Loan
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    :  Máy
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Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNN VMM-0606L/VMM-0810L CARMAR

(optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)

Bridge type VMM-6060C designs with granite structure and guidance of air bearing that provides rapid movement and accurate position for high traverse. VMM-6060C is the ideal model for larger LCD and PCB inspection. Working with professional CNC software: QIM5008 satisfies various sizes measurements.

Carmar manufacturer all the CNC video measuring system on our, such as its linear scale, digital readout(optional), working stage, as well as software, therefore, the consistency is much better than other brands.


1. All Systems are probe-ready(optional), auto focus function, joystick control;

2. Powerful controller used for Auto-focus to perform high repeatability;

3. Fast servo motor controlling;

4. High resolution Sony 1/2" color CCD camera and NAVITAR zoom lens;

5. Air bearing design for X and Y-axis and table structure of granite ensures geometric accuracy and vibration resistance.

6. Surface cold-light source is used to enhance the performance of illumination.

7. Customer design availability. Special treatment glass table to avoid deformation. Max glass size can go up to 2,000x 3,000x 200mm(XYZ).

Model        VMM-0606L VMM-0810L

Glass size(mm)            

700 x 1190 900 x 1588
  X 600 800
  Y 600 1000
  Z 200
  Resolution 0.0005 mm (0.5μm)
  Speed 400 mm/s
  Accuracy E1xy = ( 3.5 + L/200 )μm; L (measuring length) :mm
  Video System CCD Camera:Color Japan Brand CCD Camera Lighting System:
Adjustable LED Surface and Transmission illumination
Zoom Lens : Manual Zoom Lens
Magnification of field lens : 0.7x - 4.5x
Total Magnifications : 11.1x - 1.7x
(Value above is calculated by certain monitor, the value will change based on different size of monitor)
  Software 2.5D series
  Weight (kg) 1500 1900
  Power AC 240V 60Hz. Power: 1800W (excluding PC)
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