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  • Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-5040C CARMAR

Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-5040C CARMAR

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  • Mã sản phẩm

    :  CNC VMM-5040C CARMAR
  • Thương hiệu

    :  CARMAR
  • Xuất xứ

    :  Đài Loan
  • Đơn vị

    :  Máy
  • Bảo hành

    :  12 Tháng
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    :  Máy mới 100%
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Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-5040C CARMAR
(optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)

1. User-friendly interface let you operate easily.
2. Auto focusing, auto edge finding, powerful programming, and auto measuring.
3. Auto zoom feature (optional configuration), which is able to effectively measure the object with multi-magnification while doesn’t need to calibrate pixels.
4. The seft-developed Measuring software has meet various requirements of customers.
5. Adopts subpixel subdivision technique to improve resolving power of boundary.
6. Equipped with joystick, which is also able to be programmed by software.
7. SPC data processing system and large quantities of jig measurement.
8. X, Y, Z-axis all adopt servo control system - Quick positioning with high precision, and stable operation.
9. Adopts self-developed sophisticated embedded module control system installed within the instrument, which ensures a more stable operation.
10. Programmed constant current drive for surface cold light source in the 5 rings and 8 zones, which is suitable for complicated workpiece.
11. Detects the measured workpiece’s specific location by laser indicator, which is quick to position, and convenient to operate.

  Model VMM-5040C
    Metal table size (mm)       786×636
  Working table        Glass table size (mm) 570×470
    Travel (mm) 470×370
  Linear scale resolution 0.5μm
  Indication error E1XY=(2.5+L/100)μm
  Video system 1/2” color CCD camera
  0.7~4.5× zoom lens. Total magnification: 20~128×
  (Value above is calculated by certain monitor, the value will change based on different size of monitor)
  Field of view: 11.1mm~1.7mm
  Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. Power: 1800W (excluding PC)
  Dimension (L×W×H) 1200×1270×1870
  Z-axis travel(mm) 200 (Can be customized to 400mm)
  Weight (kg) 850
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