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  • Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-4030C

Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-4030C

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  • Mã sản phẩm

    :  CNC VMM-4030C
  • Thương hiệu

    :  CARMAR
  • Xuất xứ

    :  Đài Loan
  • Đơn vị

    :  Máy
  • Bảo hành

    :  12 Tháng
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    :  Máy mới 100%
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Máy Đo Kích Thước 3D Bằng Hình Ảnh Quang Học CNC VMM-4030C 
(optional: Renishaw MCP Probe, 3D measuring)


1. All Systems are Probe-Ready(optional) , Auto focus function, joystick control;
2. High accuracy with fixed working table and granite pedestal;
3. Fast servo motor controlling;
4. High resolution 1/2" color CCD camera and Zoom lens with sharp images;
5. USB interface linear exchanger can connect with professional measuring software;
6. Surface cold-light source is used to enhance the performance of illumination;
7. Applying MS Windows with CNC software with analysis abilities ensures the best performance.

Software Features: (what's the diffrence between Carmar and other brands?) 

Instinctive design let us easily understand, use and learn, which save your time and the time to train your new operator; allowing you to do more important tasks.

Altogether 15 geometric elements can be measured ( point, line, plane, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, key slot, ring, cylinder, cone, sphere, open curve, closed curve, focal surface), height can be measured as well. Basic geometric elements can be preset.
(1) Contact measuring—probe measuring or non-contact measuring—video measuring can be selected according to specific requirement.
(2) Multiple measuring methods: intelligent automatic edge detecting, selecting points in a whole object, selecting points from multiple parts, selecting points via mouse, selecting adjacent points, selecting points via cross line, magnifying and selecting points, comparatively selecting points, selecting points via probe.
2. Geometric elements constrution
Enhancing ability to construct two-dimension and three-dimension geometric elements,
Enhancing Features:
(1) Ability to construct multiple elements: point, line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, distance, angle, ring, key slot, plane, cylinder, cone and sphere.
(2) Multiple constrution methods: extracting, intersecting, perpendicular, paralleling, tangency, mirroring, etc.   

  Model VMM-2515C VMM-3020C VMM-4030C

  Stage Size (mm) 450 x 280 500 x 300 606 x 466
  Glass Size (mm) 306 x 196 350 x 280 450 x 350
Travel (mm)
X 220 300 370
  Y 120 200 270
  Z 150 (for focusing) (contact us if you need higher range)
  Driving System Servo Motor Control
  Speed 200 mm/s  
  Resolution of X/Y/Z-axis                  0.0005 mm (0.5μm)  
  Positioning Accuracy 0.001 mm (1 μm)  
  Accuracy ≦3.0 + L/200 (μm)  
  Software CARMAR 2.5D series  

Video System
CCD Camera:Color CCD Camera Lightening System :
Cold-light source Surface and Transmission illumination
Standard: Manual Zoom Lens :
Magnification of field lens : 0.7X - 4.5X ,
Total Magnifications : 23.5X - 148X,
Object View : 11.1mm - 1.7mm
(Value above is calculated by certain monitor, the value will change based on different size of monitor)
  Weight (kg) 201 223 321  
  Power Supply single phase, AC220V, 50Hz, 250W(not including PC)
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